Heir Media FAQs



Essentially, Heir Media is a boutique multimedia production house and creative agency, that provides clients with media solutions in order to help them build a recognizable and consistent brand. In order to do this, we do a few things: First, we strive to help our clients build audiences (digitally and physically); Second, to visually demonstrate and share with their audience the story of their company/brand; and Third, to help our clients form a cohesive voice across every platform. 

Our goal is to help each of our clients tell their brand’s story, authentically and creatively. 


Yes! We are storytellers ourselves who enjoy creating in a variety of different mediums — from film to games, to books and interactive videos. We currently have our feature film ‘Saving Savanna‘ out now! 


Heir Media was born from a desire to breach the divide between the standard, stuffy corporate sector and the creative design and filmmaking arena, Heir Media was formed with the intent to be a company “where creativity meets excellence.”  Also, stories are the most basic, universal way to connect with others; and brands should strive to truly connect with their audience.


We’ve helped clients create films, commercials, brand videos, publish books (children’s, young adult, inspirational, self-help, comic), write scripts, and we’re currently producing two video games. Essentially, we sign on to projects that we feel we can add value to— the medium is not a problem.


There are a few ways to get in touch. First, if you haven’t started a project with us, email us at contactus@heirmedia.net or call us at 910-756-4422. Second, if you’ve already been assigned a creative consultant, then get in touch with them. They should be able to answer any question that you have.

Services FAQs


Send us an email with a brief query with your name, business/brand, and what services you’re interested in. From there, we’ll send you a link to fill out a questionnaire. The questionnaire will help us better understand exactly what assistance you’ll need.

It really depends on a project. A one-page website will usually take a lot less time than a 30 page website; much like a ten page short film takes a lot less time than feature film. Once we talk to a client, and understand the full scope of their project, we are able to make a better assessment of how much time should be allotted to complete each project.

That’s a great question! We pride ourselves on being able to creatively transform our clients’ ideas into products that accurately reflect the brand identity, and that we are sure we can add value to.With that being said, we can’t take on every project that comes our way; we’re a small team, and we’re passionate about the things we create. We want to be able to give every project the best possible version of ourselves; so, sometimes we have to pass on projects.

Absolutely not. We’re open to projects that have an array of different budgets. Here, at Heir Media, we’re more concerned with whether or not we can add value to a project.

Payment for projects are usually broken down a few different ways (depending on the project). We usually require a down payment to be made for a client to secure our services; from there, payments tend to be broken down by achieving certain milestones (although, this is not the only way payments are broken down).

Of course. Throughout the entire production process, we work with our clients to make sure that they are kept in the loop — including the ability to review the project. The number of times a client is able to review the project is reliant upon the signed contract.

Generally, we accept payment, digitally, via our online portal.