What Are Animation and Illustration Services?

By definition, animation is a series of images in sequence to simulate movement; and, by contrast, illustration can be viewed as something that serves to illustrate: such as a picture or diagram (it usually helps make something clear). In other words, illustration is the static image, while animation is the motion of those images. 

Why Are These Services Important?

Every business or brand has (roughly) a 2-3 second window to engage their target consumers and make a good— and memorable— impression. This impression will either add (or, if poorly executed, subtract) value to the overall image of the brand. Hiring a company to create illustrations and/or animations can elevate your product and business to the next level. There are many different types of animated videos and illustrations to utilize for your business. For example, aside from animations meant for entertainment purposes, businesses can use explainer videos to showcase what your company does, or a product it sells; or a business can utilize a motion graphic video (maybe even one heavily utilizing type) to better illustrate their overall brand identity. Either way, there are many reasons why animation and illustration are important. For example:

  • Builds brand recognition
  • Helps illustrate business product offerings
  • Create a fun or friendly rapport with consumers
  • Better showcases vague/confusing copy
  • Storyboarding scenes/ideas for films
  • Engage consumers quicker and easier

Where You Can See Our Work

Our work can be seen in a various children’s books, TV series, self-help and religious books, games, ads, and more. We enjoy working with our clients to best express their vision through illustration; and bringing those illustrations to life via animation. We’ve listed a few of our works below which can be found in bookstores and online.

  • Pip n' Friends (Children's Book)
  • Tin Man: Introspection of A Beating Heart (Poetry)
  • 'Uprising' (Animated Series)
  • Poems of Persuasion: One Knee of Two? (Poetry)
  • On My Way to the Zoo (Children's Book)
  • Seven Dream Killers (Self-Help)


You should hire us if you’re looking to add  approachable and engaging content to your brand. If you’re in need of new artwork or illustrations for product packaging, billboards, commercials, etc, then we can help you. If your business is in need of storyboarding for your next film, we can also help you; and if your business also needs a fully realized animated commercial, we can also help.


Yes, we can! Since we are also a full service filmmaking company, we are fully aware that storyboarding can make the film production process much easier. Let us help you craft a storyboard that fits your desired mood, theme, and genre.


We can! We’ve got a background in filmmaking and animation, and we love to take on interesting and story-driven narrative projects. If you’re looking to hire a studio to animate your next series or short, we’d love to partner with you.


Every business and brand has a uniques set of challenges and deliverables that makes each project (and client) different from each other, hence we charge on a per project basis. This allows us to create the custom, tailored design solutions that are clients expect from us.