What Publishing Services Do We Offer?

  • Layout
  • Cover Design
  • Proofreading and Editing
  • Audiobook
  • eBook
  • Illustrations
  • ISBN and Cataloguing
  • Copyright
  • Royalties and Income Management
  • Digital and Physical Distribution

Benefits Of Our Service

While some publishing services companies may leave authors high and dry, Heir Media does not. We walk our authors through the process— step by step— ensuring that they are able to create the best book possible. We continually focus on quality and efficiency, all while evaluating the book’s marketability. Our goal is to elevate our client’s books to its best possible iteration.

Genres We Publish

We love reading, and we love being able to help authors publish their books in many different genres. This is, by no means, an exhaustive list, but take a look at some of the genres we’ve been known to help authors publish. Take a look, and if you have a genre that you’re looking to publish, reach out to us.

  • Young Adult
  • Children's Literature
  • Fantasy
  • Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Historical Fiction
  • Romance
  • Suspense and Thrillers
  • Cookbooks
  • Photography and Coffee Table Books
  • Adult Contemporary
  • Self-help
  • Science Fiction
  • Action Adventure
  • Horror
  • Detective and Mystery
  • Biographies, Autobiographies, Memoirs
  • Poetry
  • Essays

If we haven’t offered an advance for your series, and you are paying us for our services, then yes. Authors who are in need of a helping hand in the creation of their books and the distribution of them, ultimately hold all rights to their books.

Aside from the overhead maintenance fee, all profits belong to the author if they are paying for publishing services themselves.

Those offered an advance from the company (traditional publishing), split the profits with the company.

The answer is yes and no. Yes, we make your book publicly available to all bookstores and retail outlets all over the world. No, because bookstores carry very few books, which they tend to reserve for established authors or books from (legacy) publishers who are paying for shelf space. In order for a bookstore or retailer to automatically be interested in holding your book in their brick and mortar stores, you have to sell around 25,000 copies.

Luckily, times have changed (and are still changing), and selling physical copies is not the only way to sell your book(s). Now, with the advent of ebooks, you can reach your audience wherever they are— allowing authors to still make their ROI. 

Our Tier 2 package is designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and other professionals who want to publish a high level professional book, but need to make sure it is absolutely the best possible book; OR for those writing children’s books short stories, poetry books, photography books, cookbooks, travel books, novellas, or novels, where the author provides the illustration. 

On the other hand, Heir Media will create the illustrations for the author in our Tier 3 package. 

Yes, we do! We can create (and subsequently distribute) an audiobook for our authors at an additional cost.

The short answer to that is, no.

Although we love learning new languages here at Heir Media, we will only consider translating author’s books if they are in (or need to be translated to) the following languages:

  1. Spanish
  2. Korean
  3. French

At this moment, we are not equipped to do more.