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From commercials and TV spots, to novels and brand design; we are a one-stop-shop for both the business venture in its infancy and the entrepreneur who’s looking to take their brand to the next level. Take a look at a few of the services we offer below, or click the button to the right to see more.

We are a group of creatives with over 20 years of experience

About us

Born from a desire to breach the divide between the standard, stuffy corporate sector and the creative design and filmmaking arena, Heir Media was formed with the intent to be a company “where creativity meets excellence.” 


Our team of creatives have created dozens of shorts, features, music videos, and ads (as well as published many books) for a variety of clients.

Personalized Support

Every Project is different; that means, that every project may need different types of support. We'll assess what's needed and offer our assistance.

We pride ourselves on our personalized, creative (and oftentimes, innovative), story-first approach to each of our clients’ projects. We realize that every video, every logo design, every word that is written on your website directly effects your brand; and we also recognize that every brand (regardless of how big or small it is) has a story to tell… and we want to help you tell it!

How We Can Help

Concept Development

Every story has to start somewhere; and some clients need more help developing the story of their brand— even if our clients only come with an idea. We partner with our clients in order to transform their concept into a workable and viable brand story, image, and look.

Publishing Services

Develop and propose product improvements through periodical and accurate testing.

Personalized Approach

At Heir Media, we believe that no two projects are exactly the same. Sure, we can make estimations, but each project is inherently different— just like each of our clients.

Multimedia Approach

You have a story that needs to be told; and we have the capability to execute that story- no matter the medium. We believe that stories can be told in a variety of ways: whether through film, writing, game design, VR, or even animation. Your story should not be limited.

A Media Production Company with a 'Story-first' approach

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We make connections

Media production doesn’t have to give you a headache- whether it’s book publishing, filmmaking, or even gaming. Working with us is simple, easy, and you’ll always get high quality. Take a look at some of the projects we’ve worked on, and you’ll begin to understand that the sky is the limit to where we can take your vision.

Child of Light

The Journey In early summer 2023, Atlanta Carrera approach us with the intention of turning her late sister’s, Teresa Koska, blog posts, emails, and letters...

Experts With Experience


With over fifteen years experience within media production and business consulting, here, at Heir Media we value each client that we have. We take our love of storytelling, combine it with our client’s vision, and marry it with our skillsets to produce a film, ad, book, game, etc. that transforms every vision into a reality. We believe that story trumps all, and we can help each client tell their story through many different vehicles.

  • Personal Approach
  • Variety of Mediums
  • Business Consulting
  • Story First Approach
  • Transparency
  • Integrity

Our Motto

Your Vision. Our Skill.


Years of Experience

Trusted From Non-Profits to Corporations


We Deliver Creative Solutions

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Whether you're in need of a feature film, a testimonial for your business, a commercial spot, or even a book trailer; we've got you covered.


We've helped indie authors (whether up-and-coming or more established) publish a variety of different books, in diverse genres.

Business Consulting

If you need help just getting your business started, or you're looking to make the jump from a small business— we can help you.

Game Development

Some stories require more interactive mediums. Browse our site to learn more about our upcoming games.

Highlight Reels

Sometimes you need a film that showcases your best moments— whether its for a sports scout or just to add to your dance portfolio, we can help.

We're Always Here To Help You

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    We are a boutique full service media production company offering  a personal and creative approach to business solutions and film production.  

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