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A Few Ways Heir Media Helps Businesses Grow

Personalized Solutions

At Heir Media, we believe that no two projects are exactly the same. Sure, we can make estimations, but each project is inherently different— just like each of our clients.

Multimedia Approach

You have a story that needs to be told; and we have the capability to execute that story- no matter the medium. We believe that stories can be told in a variety of ways: whether through film, writing, game design, VR, or even animation. Your story should not be limited.

Story-First Approach

We take our love of storytelling, combine it with our client’s vision, and marry it with our skillsets to produce a film, ad, book, game, etc. that transforms every vision into a reality. We believe that story trumps all, and we can help each client tell their story through many different vehicles.


Our team of creatives have created dozens of shorts, features, music videos, and ads (as well as published many books) for a variety of clients. With over fifteen years experience within media production and business consulting, here, at Heir Media we value each client that we have.

Web Development

Every business needs a dedicated space to showcase their brand digitally— a creative and identifiable website is just the place for that. We have the experience to build the website your brand needs— fully customizable.

Film Production

From commercial spots, to on-boarding and company culture videos; we can help your business reach its desired audience through creative (and often concise) videos to utilize for both marketing and in-house needs.

Game Development

From ideation to publishing, we can provide a team of professionals to help our clients create games in a wide variety of genres.

Animation & Illustration

As a full service production house, we also provide services for animation (animated shows, commercials, etc.) and illustration for books, packaging, and more.


From graphic novels to children's books, to self-help books and fantasy novels, we help authors (both up-and-coming and established) publish their projects.

Brand Design

At its core, brand design is how a brand chooses to represent its brand identity to the public, visually. Whether it's on letterhead, social media, or your own website, your visual touchpoints should demonstrate just who and what your brand is.

Music Composition

Whether it be for a short film, a feature film, a game, or any other type of media, we can provide custom music production services.

Ghost Writing

Sometimes up and coming authors need a little help, or a busy businessman may need his ideas formulated into a book; either way, we can help turn those ideas into a finished product.

Brand Management

Every business, every brand, every company has a story to tell; the question is, 'what story do you need told?' We help businesses and brands by creating custom, and fully branded material to be used for marketing and other ventures' while also assisting them with their recognizability by continually providing them with the visuals and copy they require.

Business Consulting

From business plans to organizational management, we have consultants that can help you get your business and brand correctly positioned to succeed.

Highlight Reels

Sometimes a client needs a highlight reel to spotlight their talents. From sports, events, or even recitals may need a highlight reel to give to employees, donors, or event goers; post onto their website; or even to showcase their company's offerings.

We Solve Creative Problems With Creative Solutions

Concept Development

Every story has to start somewhere; and some clients need more help developing the story of their brand— even if our clients only come with an idea.


Whether it be for commercials, video games, interactive videos, or even a narrative feature, we can assist you in telling your story.

Animation & Illustration

Take your videos and ads to the next level by using animation. Animated commercials and ads can help your business to stand out from the competition.

Monthly Reports

When you utilize any of our management services, we provide our clients with monthly reports for them to use in their decision making.

Video Management

Our video management service provides clients who don't have the time or people available with custom weekly videos to post to their socials and websites.