The Client

5th&Pen is an up-and-coming lifestyle brand that seeks to proved simple luxury for any of their client’s who relaxation (whether that be cozying up with a good book, writing their next masterpiece, sampling watching TV, or just enjoying a good cup of coffee) through handmade, artisanal products. In other words, the brand seeks to offer elevated comfort through items such as high quality cups and mugs, throw blankets, scarves, bags, glasses cases, and more. The 5th&Pen team came to us with the idea, name, general product information, and rough idea for a design — we worked with them to bring everything together in a way that tells a strong story across both digital and print.


The front page of 5th&Pen’s website (as of Jan 2022).


How We Helped

In just a few days, we were able to take their luxury relaxation concept and transform it by infusing lifestyle-inspired brand standards, clear messaging, a fresh new website, attractive packaging, and promotional collateral so 5th&Pen could boldly launch into the competitive retail market as a professional brand who knows who they are and where they’re going.

Brand Identity Development & Collateral

From hues to fonts to icon-style — our goal was to make sure that every visual touchpoint was accompanied with a hint of luxury to speak to the brand’s target audience. The calm and muted color palette, and elegant-but-modern sans serif font offer a simple and sophisticated primary logotype supplemented with a natural looking secondary badge—optimized for the various products and packaging—makes for an approachable, handcrafted brand identity. These touches, along with sharp business cards and striking letterhead ensure the 5th&Pen team will make a lasting impression.