The Client

Make Plain, Jesus Global Ministries is non-profit ministry and outreach whose goal is to make Jesus plain to all those whom they encounter. They came to us as they were beginning to rebrand (and move) from Make Plain, Jesus Ministries to Make Plain, Jesus Global Ministries. The ministry seeks to be “the hands and feet of Christ” in a way that offers help to those in need of food, support, and other tangible needs; while still offering fellowship and Bible teachings as well. One of MPJGM’s goals is to be approachable, friendly, and easy to understand.




How We Helped

One of the key differences between their old identity and the new one was the global aspect; and they desired their website and collateral to demonstrate this difference. It was imperative that their website and branding acknowledge their old identity, but also establish their new one in the minds of all site visitors. With this in mind, we began the task of creating their new website (inclusive of videos and an app), color palette, and collateral (business cards, letterhead, etc.). We chose to lean heavily into the brighter aspects of the design propped against neutral colors, as a way to continually draw the eye to the next space. When it came to copy on the website, we focused on giving as much information in more bitesized and icon-assisted ways throughout. Along with the icons, each page was maximally utilized to be approachable and informative without taking too much time to read through.