The Project

Saving Savanna‘ is an independent, in-house-produced, feature film that follows the titular character, Savanna Winslow. The official logline is as follows: Suicidal young woman, Savanna Winslow, ended her lease, quit her job, and cut off all ties. When her suicide attempt fails, Savanna is faced with the stark realization that she has nothing left. When a doctor offers her a second chance, she has a decision to make: to live or continue trying to die.

Samantha Wendorf as Savanna Winslow.

Our Role

Taking on the task of producing (full-service) an independent feature film is no easy feat; and many don’t realize just how many moving parts there are in a film’s creation. From the inception of a film’s idea and script, all the way to its distribution and marketing; there are many factors to consider in the film production process. With this in mind, we (Heir Media) set out to make the best possible film with the most affordable budget.

Victoria Chang as Gianna Cho

How We Helped

A film doesn’t just need production services, it also needs other elements to bring eyes to the film. With this in mind, we produced interviews with some of the cast members, marketing collateral, behind-the-scenes photography, and more.

Lou Cariffe as Seamus Callaghan. He provided us with an interview on why he decided to join the cast of ‘Saving Savanna’ and why this film is important.
Samantha Wendorf, who plays the role of titular character, Savanna Winslow, also sat down to talk about why she was drawn to the role of Savanna.

Collateral and Post Project

From typography to hues to copy — our goal was to make sure that every visual touchpoint (both digital and physical) was accompanied with a dose of approachability to speak to the film’s target audience and the film’s overall mission— to give hope to those feeling hopeless. Our design team, coupled with our production team, were able to produce collateral materials to be used in marketing the film (including suicide prevention bracelets with the suicide hotline number), and we worked tirelessly to bring the film to screens near you.