The Ask

When competition heats up it is always best to have an edge on your competitors. The less time it takes for your prospective clients to see why they need your services the better and so a short and succinct but attention grabbing method is one of the most viable ways of spreading the news of your business and making sure that they remember you.

Enter— One Sheets! These one page sheets hold all the necessary information that a client would need to not only see why they need you but to contact you when their need is realized. Since this information can be seen with one glance the client can quickly act on their needs without the extra hassle of going through multiple pages of media.

Luckily for us, our client came to us with the copy already completed.


In a little over a month, we were able to have a fully customized, fully branded one sheet for Melinda Bogart, of All Things Learner. We started, May 12th 2023, and fully completed the one sheet by May 30, 2023 (with room for revisions and drafts).


Why Choose This Layout?

The one-sheet was to be used while speaking with prospective clients so there had to be some way to direct the flow of conversation while keeping the client in the loop. With the circles containing the talking points the client can have a general idea of where in the conversation they are while the question format gives the presenter freedom to shape the conversation in the way they they would like.

The arrows between the circles are just a simple yet effective way of showing the direction that the conversation would normally take.

Which Part of the Process Took the Most Time?

The initial design phase was the most difficult part of the whole process. Since the one-sheet was created from scratch there were many things that had to be thought about: feel, direction, color scheme, placement, etc. Once those thing were down the rest of the process didn’t take as long to complete.

Tips & Tricks of Getting Started

1. Just draw.

Usually you won’t have a good idea of where to start. This is when you should just put pen to paper and draw anything and everything. You don’t even need a specific design to start with just get the idea out there!

2. Does one of your drafts have some of the feeling you want? Iterate on that one!

In the creation of this one-sheet I started with five different ideas but one was closer to the feel I wanted. I used that as a basis and started another design until it was closer to the design that I wanted. I used ideas from the other designs and fused them until the final product was made. After that just as small touches with the intention of making the important pieces pop.

3. Remember that you will most likely need multiple passthroughs to get the right one.

There were many iterations done just to get this final product. Just keep on working and take a short break if needed. Sometimes your brain just needs to rest a little to get that perfect design.


Note: If you’re in the Wilmington, NC area and in need of a learning consultant for your business or child, give Melinda a call. You can find a link to her website at the bottom of the page.