The Client

Once again, we were contacted by the mother of a high school athlete who was very interested in having a video made for her son. However, this time, the video would not be your typical highlight reel — nor would it be a skills video; this time, her she requested an Athlete Mixtape video. Her son, the athlete that we would ultimately be creating this video for, wanted a special and less formal highlight reel that could be shared via social media. Instead of the target being college coaches and universities; he wanted the video be enjoyed by friends and others online. We were excited to try something new with our service offerings.

Our Solution

This meant a few things: one, we’d need to film a handful of games; two, we’d have to format the video for social media sharing; and three, we’d need to make sure our editing evoked the emotion that our client wanted (all while syncing properly to the song he chose). Along with these concerns, we also knew that we would need to get as close as possible to the field to film the games. Thankfully, we were able to accomplish each of these tasks.

Project Result

We were able to complete and deliver a polished, and exciting mixtape to our client. While the purpose of this reel wasn’t exposure to coaches or universities, we were able to produce a fun, inviting, and completely interesting approach to how highlight reels can be produced— plus, this type of reel can be shared with friends without feeling stuffy. Overall, we had fun with this project, and we’d love to do another one in the future.