The Client

Our client— the mother of a son who plays varsity on his school’s football team— requested that we create a highlight reel for her son. Although he was a junior at the time and wasn’t entirely certain if he wanted to play in college, our client wanted her son to at least have a visual record of her son’s best plays in the off chance that he did decide to play in college.

Our Solution

We filmed two games (both in 6k quality) for our client, and edited (complete with Color grading, light motion graphics, and music) a 3-minute reel for her son to use in the future— whether that be for future coaches to view, or for him to utilize on his own socials.



Project Result

We were able to complete and deliver a polished, and exciting reel to our client. As we previously mentioned, athletes that have a highlight reel have a better chance of being seen (and, subsequently scouted) by coaches at both a collegiate and professional level. A sports highlight reel is an important tool in an athlete’s arsenal— helping them get seen, while simultaneously showcasing their athletic abilities.