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From Darkness to Radiance: Child of Light – A Powerful Testament of Hope Amidst a Battle Against Cancer

In a world often overshadowed by the darkness of illness, “Child of Light” emerges as a beacon of faith, resilience, and unwavering hope. This compelling and inspirational book, authored by Teresa Koska, takes readers on a transformative journey through the author’s personal battle against cancer, her unwavering faith in God, and her unending desire to encourage those around her, illuminating a path of radiant hope even in the most challenging circumstances. 

What started with simple words of encouragement to a small group of friends via email, quickly began to turn into more readers as Teresa’s (also known as TK to those close to her) words about her perspective of life through her faith in God prompted her to start a blog for others to follow. The blog, “Words by TK” follows TK’s journey through the toughest of circumstances in her battle with cancer.  Her words give us inspiration and hope as they are not really her words, but God’s words through her.  More than anything, TK wanted God’s message of love to be spread to as many people as she could reach.  Through her book, her words, and God’s words, we continue her mission of faith.

Teresa graduated from UNCW with a BA degree in Fine Arts.  She used her talents in creating Wilmington’s first and finest full scale event design company.  Her unique ideas and artistic touches set Teresa apart by providing her clients with memorable occasions specifically designed for them. She found joy in painting as a release from the everyday demands of a busy lifestyle.  Her paintings are an expression of her love for art and beauty.  With subjects centered around her hometown of Wilmington, NC, Teresa transformed the canvas through her use of depth and layers to draw her audience into the nature which surrounds them. Teresa truly appreciated life and all the wonder of the natural world around her. As an artist, she enjoyed expressing her love of God’s creations by transforming even the simplest tree branch into a thing of beauty. She had a special place in her heart for all children and was known as YaYa to the many dear ones she cared for over the years. Her faithful soul shone through every day through her generosity and giving of herself to others. Teresa passed away on Oct 30, 2015 after a long battle with cancer.

“Child of Light” was released on December 2023, and can be purchased at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books A Million, Walmart, Foyles, ThriftBooks, and other major retailers. You can also purchase Teresa’s art at For more information about the book, email: or call 910-765-4422. 


Embracing a Prosperous 2024: A Journey of Innovation and Growth

To Our Valued Team and Clients,

As we bid farewell to an eventful year marked by creativity, resilience, and exceptional achievements across the realms of filmmaking, branding, and publishing, I’m thrilled to share my excitement for the journey that awaits us in 2024.

I wanted to share my heartfelt appreciation for the incredible strides we’ve collectively made in 2023. Our journey has been one of creativity, innovation, and shared success, and I am confident that 2024 holds even greater promise for our energetic team.

Screenshot from film, 'Saving Savanna'
Screenshot from film, ‘Saving Savanna’

In this dynamic landscape where storytelling transcends mediums, our collective efforts in filmmaking, branding, and publishing have propelled us to new heights. The synergy between our expertise in filmmaking, our prowess in branding strategies, and our commitment to insightful publishing positions us uniquely to harness the power of storytelling in all its forms.

As we look to 2024, in the world of filmmaking, our goal is to continue to push the boundaries of creativity, telling stories that challenge, inspire, and captivate hearts and minds. Our dedication to cinematic excellence and narrative innovation will continue to set us apart, ensuring that our films resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

Screenshot from film, 'Saving Savanna'
Screenshot from film, ‘Saving Savanna’

Our prowess in branding is a testament to our ability to shape identities and create lasting impressions. Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the development of impactful campaigns that not only reflect our clients’ visions but have also strengthened our position as a trendsetter in the industry. As we move forward, we will build on this success by staying attuned to market trends, embracing creativity, and delivering branding solutions that leave an enduring imprint on the audience.

'Child of Light' by Teresa Koska
Cover of the book, ‘Child of Light’ by Teresa Koska

In publishing, our commitment to disseminating knowledge and fostering creativity has been evident in every page we’ve crafted. Whether it’s through articles, books, or digital content, we’ve been champions of information and inspiration. In 2024, the knowledge we share and the stories we tell hold the power to inform, educate, and entertain. We will continue our commitment to delivering high-quality content across various platforms, enriching lives and expanding horizons through our publications.

Moreover, our success is rooted in our collaborative spirit. The synergy between filmmaking, branding, and publishing within our team is a testament to our collective strength and versatility. Our ability to seamlessly navigate these diverse realms sets us apart and positions us as a formidable force in the creative industry. We’ll continue to leverage this unique advantage as we embark on the exciting challenges and opportunities that 2024 has in store.

As we look ahead, we will remain united in our pursuit of excellence, creativity, and innovation. Together, we’ll script a year filled with groundbreaking films, impactful branding, and inspiring publications. I am incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together, and I am excited about the boundless potential that awaits us in the coming year.

Here’s to an exhilarating, prosperous, and fulfilling 2024 for us all!

Warm regards,

Kimberly Bryan



Building A Character: Active vs. Passive


You can ask all your friends, family, followers, and even strangers about who is the worst main character that they have seen from any book, TV show, streaming series, film, or game and I would bet that there will be a common factor that these characters share: their passivity.

One thing that I will note is that a majority of other unfavorable characters lie at some extreme. For example, the extremely talkative character that does not allow for a moment of silence or in the case of this article, the extremely passive character.

Musings: Active v. Passive

Let’s take a look at how building a character is actively or passively can affect the story. Passive characters have been utilized since the beginning of storytelling, but what makes these characters less desirable compared to their active counterparts?

Now, I’m no psychologist, but there was a concept put forth by Julian B. Rotter called one’s Locus of Control that I think highlights why writers are taught to use active characters rather than passive ones. In its most basic sense, one’s locus of control is broken into two types: internal or external.


If someone has an internal locus of control then they believe that they are “in control of their actions, destiny, fate, etc.” while one with an external locus of control believes that they are “at the whims of outside factors such as those around them or fate and they cannot change it”.

To simplify the difference, I would claim that active characters recognize what they want and are willing to work towards getting their desires while a passive character has desires that are buried deep and are less willing to pursue them.

Imagine that you are reading a story, playing a game, or watching a movie, the main character that you are supposed to connect with does absolutely nothing and the narrative of the film just ferries them around or they are heralded as the hero though they have not worked for that position. It would feel unsatisfying, right?

I would argue that it is because of our intrinsic nature of working hard and expecting others to work just as hard as we do thus, we can empathize with characters who go through hardships and attain their dreams or goals. This is what is appealing about the American Dream and why so many novels used it in the past, though many modern writers choose to subvert those ideals as not everyone achieves their goals or dreams. However, even then we can empathize with their characters if they continue to push forward rather than languishing in failure.

This is why when you look at the Heroes Journey or Dan Harmon’s Story Circle, there is a moment where all hope seems lost, but the characters do not stay there! They push forward come hell or high water.

Great writers know how to craft active characters that propel the plot rather than having the plot lead them along.

There have been and will always be stories that have passive characters that evolve into active protagonists, but we as the reader or viewer need to recognize that growth is not immediate otherwise it will cheapen the experience of seeing these characters grow and mature.

You can look to The Giver and many others that have more passive characters grow over the course of the story. He grew not to only have his society or the book’s narrative pull him along, but into an active character that moved the narrative.

One note that I do want to make is that active characters can have passive or reactive moments rather than being proactive. This is evident when writers create living worlds around their active characters meaning that even the antagonists can be pushing the plot forward in response to the protagonists leading into a character-driven narrative that highlights the qualities of both characters rather than pitting a two dimensional antagonist against a fleshed-out three dimensional protagonist.

So, when you are working on your next project keep in mind whether your character has an internal or external locus of control and whether that changes or strengthens over the course of their journey.

“I would argue that it is because of our intrinsic nature of working hard and expecting others to work just as hard as we do thus, we can empathize with characters who go through hardships and attain their dreams or goals.”


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